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Improving Maternal and Neo-natal Health

Pregnant women, lactating mothers and their newborns need the right kind of nutrition, medical care, etc. for better health and overall development

Quick Glance

Pregnant women, lactating mothers and their newborns need the right kind of nutrition, medical care and guidance for better health and overall development.

The aim of this project is to improve the available public maternal and child care infrastructure.


  • patient-treated
    1,20,000patients treated
  • health-save
    2,164 lives saved
  • percentage
    96% clinics well-equipped
  • health community
    2,000 health community workers
The thought

The Thought


Due to the non-availability of information and lack of a referral system, many women and their newborns were not able to get adequate health care and support. Right nutrition and regular check-ups were needed for both- pregnant women as well as lactating mothers. To facilitate this, SNEHA started its ‘Maternal and Newborn Health Program’. Quote

The Approach

We decided to support SNEHA’s ‘Beyond Boundaries Project’under the ‘Maternal and Newborn Health Program’ through grants and capacity building. The project was implemented in four municipal corporations in Mumbai i.e. the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC), Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC) and the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC). 37 vulnerable communities and 34 health posts were selected for this intervention. This was done through home visits by SNEHA volunteers, the formation of health committees, monthly meetings, training and health talks for the health committees and maternity homes, strengthening the referral system and holding rallies for mass outreach.

The Impact

Around 1 lakh pregnant women with normal conditions and 20,000 pregnant women with high-risk and emergency conditions have benefited from this program.

2,164 pregnant women’s lives have been saved through the referral system.

96% clinics are functional for primary care services and weekly check-ups (6 women per ante-natal clinic).

Enhanced system of documentation of patients data

Around 2000 link workers/ community health volunteers have been trained on topics like maternal/ neo-natal health, nutrition and danger signs in pregnancy.

• Improvement in the performance of maternity homes and reduction in referrals.

About the Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action (SNEHA)

The Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action (SNEHA) is a Mumbai-based NGO that works for women and children. They believe that by investing in women's health they are building viable urban communities. SNEHA’s ‘Maternal and Newborn Health’ program has been recognised by the WHO, which has given them a grant for further research on the topic.

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