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Developing Handloom and Craft Livelihoods

Developing handlooms as a means of sustainable livelihood for the women in the hilly regions of Uttarakhand.

Quick Glance

Through this initiative, both the Panchachuli Women Weavers (PWW) and we aimed to revive the dying arts and craft of the mountains of Uttarakhand. We also hoped to provide artisans living in far-flung rural areas the right means to upgrade their skills, acquire high quality raw materials, and use a common platform for marketing.

All of this, so that the women of Uttarakhand find a sustainable means to earn their living.


  • Schools
    Nanda Devi Centre
  • Students
    80 women artisans employed
  • Grade
    140 additional artisans connected with
  • Percentage
    45 lakhs worth of stock
The thought

The Thought


Women in Uttarakhand live a very challenging life. Due to the lack of employment opportunities, many men in Uttarakhand either move to cities to look for jobs or fall prey to alcohol and drugs. In turn, leaving the women to shoulder most of the responsibilities of running their household. This is precisely why they should be well-equipped to face such situations and have a sustainable means of earning their livelihood. Quote

The Approach

We collaborated with the Panchachuli Women Weavers (PWW) by offering them a grant to setup a Centre of Excellence (COE). Here, expert weavers and craftsmen teach different kinds of weaving techniques, dyeing techniques, embroidery, knitting, textile design, woodcraft, copper craft, etc. to the community. The centre also has a warehouse sourcing raw materials and making it available to all artisans on credit. The handicrafts and handlooms created are marketed and sold on a local, national and international level under the brand name Nanda Devi.

The Impact

• Setup a Centre of Excellence branded as Nanda Devi Centre

• Employed 80 women artisans at the centre.

• Another 140 artisans from the Kedarnath Valley are connected to the centre.

• 45 lakhs worth of stock has already been produced out of which 30 lakhs has been sold.

• The centre has now become self-sufficient and successful in its functioning and branding.

About Panchachuli Women Weavers (PWW)

Panchachuli Women Weavers (PWW) is a non-profit company based in Uttarakhand. It was started in 2005 by Mukti Datta, a well-known personality for her philanthropic activities in the area. The organisation focuses on developing and organising training in weaving of woollen textiles and traditional handicrafts. It mainly focuses on providing employment to rural or underprivileged women.

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