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A Cattle Care Program meant to empower small and marginal farmers living in rural India.

Quick Glance

Giving farmers the opportunity to strengthen their earning capabilities can completely turn their lives around. With the idea of enhancing the livelihood of farmers; our program focuses on cattle breed improvement, high-quality veterinary infrastructure, and enhanced productivity of cattle.


  • village
    1,358 Villages across 14 districts in 2 states
  • animal treated
    4,24,957 Cattle treated through 70 ILDCs
  • artifical
    15,940 Artificial inseminations completed
  • pregnancies
    6,525 Confirmed Pregnancies through 70 ILDCs
  • animal treated
    1,22,667 Cattle treated through 795 Cattle camps
The thought

The Thought


To begin, you must understand that animal husbandry is a very important alternate source of income that provides year-round employment and income in our villages. This is why we’ve focused on improving the quality of dairy development activities in order to enhance the means of livelihood of our farmers. Quote

The Approach

We created the Shwetdhara Program that focuses on taking a high-quality veterinary infrastructure to the rural areas and driving cattle breed improvement through behaviour change and awareness and availability of best practices. To implement this effectively we have a two pronged approach

Integrated Livestock Development Centres (ILDCs)

  • To setup 5 ILDCs in every district delivering quality veterinary services like artificial insemination at the doorstep of livestock owners. The genetically superior progeny born out of this programme yield much better milk quality.
  • Each ILDC to be run by trained veterinary assistants called “Gopals” offering various first-aid and healthcare services free of cost as well as sharing the latest techniques for fodder cultivation and preservation with the farmers.
  • Trained doctors to regularly visit villages to provide medical care as well as monitor and evaluate the progress.

Cattle Care Camps

  • To organise regular cattle care camps in far-flung areas, so that we can reach and help many more farmers who cannot reach out to the ILDCs
  • The camps are run with the help of a para-vet, providing vaccination and medical care for the cattle.
  • Locals are regularly trained in techniques like artificial insemination, and other veterinary services that do not require administration by a trained doctor, this makes them more equipped to take care of their cattle.

The Impact

The expected outcome of Shwetdhara is to improve income levels of small and marginal farmers by improving milk yield of their cattle. This will be achieved through:

• Promoting health seeking behavior for livestock amongst rural Indians

• Providing high quality affordable veterinary services at the doorstep

• Providing high quality artificial insemination services through trained para-vets (Gopals)

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