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Partnering with Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital (KNMH)

Helping underprivileged families get high quality cancer treatment at subsidised rates, because getting well shouldn’t be difficult.

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Since the people at Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital understand the financial burden that families have to face when someone dear has to undergo cancer treatment, we resolved to assist them in their initiative. They offer subsidised cancer treatments for patients who can’t afford it.

We facilitated the project by providing grant support for the maintenance cost of essential cancer treatment equipment for a year.


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    800 patients will be benefitted
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    20,000 sittings will be conducted
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    Quality cancer treatment
The thought

The Thought


Healthcare expenses, especially due to serious ailments, tend to make it difficult for families to sustain themselves. Due to this high cost, many patients end up succumbing to their diseases as they’re unable to afford the treatment. To prevent this very situation, the Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital (KNMH) works towards providing subsidised treatment for patients. Quote

The Approach

We offered a grant to the hospital that would help them maintain their equipment. The grant is being used to maintain different state-of-the-art cancer treatment equipment, for instance, the beam checker, oxygen plant, CT somatom, and RFA dosimetry. The equipment, along with a linear accelerator are used for external beam radiation treatments for cancer patients.

The Impact

About 800 patients and their families are expected to benefit from the reduced cost of treatment for at least 20,000 sittings in a single year.

About KNMH

KNMH, a leading hospital in Allahabad, is committed to providing affordable, state-of-the-art, comprehensive healthcare to all sections of the society, with unceasing quality and safety, blending innovation and teaching as an integral part of patient care. The hospital provides highly subsidized care which a very large number of underprivileged persons, especially in the case of ailments like cancer where the cost of treatment is very high. The hospital treats around 62,000 cancer patients in a year.

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