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Night School Transformation Program

A single program that aims at transforming the quality of education in night schools in Mumbai suburbs.

Quick Glance

With the aim of improving the quality of education at the night schools, we support Masoom to focus on enhancing the school infrastructure, management systems and education techniques.

All of this, so that more students are encouraged to enrol and stay committed to complete their education with better grades, eventually resulting in enhanced employment opportunities.


  • Schools
  • Students
  • Grade
    9/10Showed improvement in grade
  • Percentage
    8/10schools - Showed increase in pass %age
  • Enrollment
    5%Increase in SSC avg pass % age
Success Stories

Success Stories

Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying and Surekha is the perfect example of a lady who never gave up.

Yes, she was a drop-out who married a factory worker at the age of 18. She worked as a helper at Anganwadi and someday hoped that she would become a teacher there. But to achieve this dream, she would first have to complete her SSC.

With the support from her mother-in-law she joined the Universal Night School in Dharavi. Not only did she complete the 9th standard, but she also stood 1st in her class!
Unfortunately, just before the SSC exams, her husband passed away . Surekha, determined to change her life re-joined school within 13 days of husband's death. Surekha scored 52.40% that year.

She currently is battling everyday expenses by working as a peon and hopes that someday she will become an Anganwadi Teacher.

The thought

The Thought


Night schools are the last resort for many school drop-outs, migrants and underprivileged people to gain some form of formal education. However, most of the night schools in Mumbai are usually run on low budgets and hence they lack the amenities that other regular schools possess. The motive of this initiative is to reduce this gap by bringing in system efficiencies and hence improving the academic performance of students in night schools.Quote

The Approach

We helped Masoom scale up their 'Night School Transformation Programme' by supporting their administration costs and helping them build efficient organisational systems.

Our employees constantly worked towards increasing the student enrolment, attendance, and improvement in the quality of teaching among others.

Some of the areas we focussed on are:



  • Together, we adopted 30 night schools.
  • Recruited senior staff to facilitate the expansion and sustainability.
  • Introduced e-learning in schools.
  • Conducted capacity building programmes for all stakeholders through training sessions.
  • Developed efficient Management Information Systems (MIS) for effective program tracking.


  • Improved the SSC pass percentage from 36% (2013-2014) to 68% (2016-2017).
  • Improved attendance from 34% (2013-2014) to 62% (2016- 2017).
  • Increased the number of students securing first class from 4% (2013-2014) to 18% (2016-2017).
  • Increased enrolment of students from 668 (June, 2015) to 771 (June, 2017)
  • School Management and Development Committees (SMDCs) successfully set up for raising funds and other resources.


  • Provision of nutritious food / snacks for STD. 8 students.
  • Provision of a small non-salary grant.
  • The topic on night schools in the Mumbai was included in the Human Development Report.

At the moment, we are covering more and more schools. Eventually we will hand over the schools to SMDCs and only provide mentoring support.

The Impact

First Phase: Supported over 30 night schools, which impacted the life of about 3,500 students.

Second Phase : Being run currently in 10 night schools covering 771 students

About Masoom

Masoom, a not for profit organisation based in Mumbai, constantly works on planning and implementing its 'Night School Transformation Programme' in each night school while adapting their unique needs. Masoom aims to help night schools achieve a higher level of teaching quality, infrastructure quality, learning outcomes and self- sustainability and ultimately turn them into ideal schools.

Learn more about Masoom here

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